Electrocorder EC-2V Voltage Logger for Industrial and Commercial Appliances

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The EC-2V is used to record voltage on two channels, Live (Hot) with respect to Neutral and Earth (Ground) wrt Neutral, if you suspect Earth/Grounding issues then the EC-2V would tell you if the local Neutral is developing a voltage wrt the local Earth. Voltage optimisation companies also use the product to monitor voltage levels pre and post optimisation. Many power distribution companies use the product to highlight real voltage problems.

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How to use

The EC-2V is a two-channel voltage data logger that needs to be plugged in to the mains socket you want to measure.  Setup the Logger using the Electrosoft software, then plug it in.

This logger can be installed by anyone when fitted with a plug.  Once you’re set up, just turn on the voltage supply/socket to start logging.  The indicator will flash Green when logging.

When the logger’s finished recording (or you’ve captured enough data!) just disconnect from supply, hook it up to your PC and download the information.  Electrosoft will let you view the data immediately on-screen and save or export for later analysis.