Electrocorder EC-3A-RS Current Logger for Industrial and Commercial Appliances

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The affordable Electrocorder is the best value solution for carrying out site audits, with great analysis and reporting tools in our free software.  Our focus on providing an easy to deploy energy analyzer with built-in equipment management tools helps to make logging as effective as possible.  Tamper-proof setup means that installers or other personnel can’t casually change or view logging parameters and invalidate data.


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How to use

The EC-3A-RS is a three-phase current data logger that uses 3 flexible Rogowski coils to connect to your incoming supply.  Setup the Logger using the Electrosoft software, then fit it to the distribution board or other point that you’re going to measure.

As no voltage input is required, you can fit easily as a competent person without necessarily requiring an electrician or engineer, and may not require any power interruption at all. Once you’re set up, just press the Start button to start logging!  The indicator will flash Green when logging.

When the logger’s finished recording (or you’ve captured enough data!) just disconnect from supply, hook it up to your PC and download the information.  Electrosoft will let you view the data immediately on-screen and save or export for later analysis.

For a demonstration of how to use the logger, please watch our video below.