Electrocorder EC-7VAR-RS Three Phase Voltage, Current & Power Factor Data Logger

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For Fault Finding, Phase Unbalance Testing, PQ Monitoring, Load Surveys, Energy Audits, Current Consumption Queries.


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How to use

The EC-7VAR-RS is a three-phase voltage and current data logger that uses three flexible Rogowski coils and 4 Voltage leads (L1, L2, L3 and Neutral) to connect to your supply.  Setup the Logger using the Electrosoft software, then fit it to the distribution board or other point on the system that you want to measure.

This logger is designed to be installed by a competent person (generally an electrician or engineer), and if isolated test points are available can be fitted without power interruption.  Once you’re set up, just press the Start button to start logging!  The indicator will flash Green when recording.

When the logger’s finished recording (or you’ve captured enough data!) just disconnect from supply, hook it up to your PC and download the information.  Electrosoft will let you view the data immediately on-screen and save or export for later analysis.


Ideal analysis logger for Energy Audits
The affordable Electrocorder is the best value solution for carrying out site audits, with great analysis and reporting tools in our free software.  Our focus on providing an easy to deploy energy analyzer with built-in equipment management tools helps to make logging as effective as possible.  Tamper-proof setup means that installers or other personnel can’t casually change or view logging parameters and invalidate data.  Our full 3-phase voltage logging with Power Factor means you have the most accurate Power and Energy measurements available for sites where high precision is needed.

Rugged and Reliable
Operates on replaceable batteries for up to 1 week of volt-free logging when needed, with unlimited logging time when the voltage connection is live.  Rugged and reliable, with IP65 environmental sealing optionally available (IP43 as standard).

Never miss data with Constant Sampling 
Constant Sampling ensures that you never miss any data, with minimum and maximum values displayed across the averaging period.  Records for up to 50 days to EN50160 standard.  Averaging period can be set from 2 seconds to 60 minutes (301 days).  Many other loggers will only take data snapshots, meaning that you miss crucial trend data.

Industry Standard
Electrocorder is the market leader in energy and power analysis and fault diagnosis, used to troubleshoot and resolve customer complaints by electricity network suppliers throughout Europe such as Dalkia, SSE, Electricity North West, ESB Networks and NIE Networks.  Supplied Worldwide to utilities, industry and electrical contractors.  Acksen has been designing and manufacturing Power Quality Loggers since 1994, using our expertise to provide highly robust and reliable equipment – so much that we’re prepared to offer a free lifetime warranty on all our Loggers (conditions apply).

Perfect for Troubleshooting and Fault Finding, with Energy Auditing, Load Survey and Feeder Loading Analysis
The EC-7VAR-RS is used by power distribution companies, heavy industry, facilities management, electrical or site services and maintenance engineers to monitor to monitor power (kW)/energy (kWh) usage, check voltage and current variations helping them to diagnose any related issues, or to gather data perhaps to make representations to their power supplier.

Extensively used for UPS sizing and monitoring and standby generator sizing and monitoring. As the product records both voltage and current, users can determine if low voltage is related to high current demands on site, or if the low voltage is being supplied to the site.

Available in 5kA or 10kA variants on request for larger sites!  When only a single phase voltage supply is easily accessible, the EC-7VAR-RS can still be used to monitor and record 3 phase energy, using three current inputs and a single phase voltage input, rather than the normal 3 voltage inputs.

Power Factor Measurement
Power Factor (known as PF or Cos f) is recorded for the voltage channel L1 and the current channel A1, this is then used to calculate the real (Watts), reactive (VARs) and apparent (VA) power for all 3 phases within our Electrosoft software. PF measurement also allows users to determine if Power Factor Correction is needed for the site. For accurate measurement of PF, the logger needs a current or voltage reading of around 20% of scale.

Included with your Energy Data Logger Kit
Everything you need to operate is included – no hidden extras required!
Electrocorder EC-7VAR-RS with 3 flexible rogowski coils and 4 voltage leads
USB Download Cable
Zipped Carrying Case
User Instructions
Free analysis software download

Free Electrosoft PC Software
Free Electrosoft software (compatible with Windows 10 down to XP) allows you to view and zoom on Current, Power and Energy graphs.  Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel in one click or emailed to colleagues.  A wide range of analysis reports can be printed or saved as PDF files with your company logo!

Electrosoft includes many more industry-leading features such as Statistics and Load Balancing, Tariff & Costing Analysis with Annual CO2 and Energy usage projections, Logger Management Database and Calibration Management tools.

Electrosoft also includes sample files so you can download and try it out now without needing a logger!