Electrocorder SR-1R Solar Irradiance Logger for Industrial and Commercial Appliances

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The SR-1R data logger is used by installers, householders, renewable energy companies to assess proposed locations for a PV (photovoltaic) and Solar Thermal installations. It can record solar irradiation up to 1500W/m2 (watts per square metre), allowing you to estimate the amount of solar energy a given site will have. The logger will record up to 300 days using the included PSU (power supply unit), data can be downloaded to the free software, Electrosoft and analysed.


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How to use

The SR-1R is a single-channel solar irradiance data logger. Setup the Logger using the Electrosoft software, then fit the sensor to the position that you’re going to measure.

This logger is designed to be installed by a competent person. Once you’re set up, just press the Start button to start logging! The indicator will flash Green when logging.

When the logger’s finished recording (or you’ve captured enough data!) just disconnect from supply, hook it up to your PC and download the information. Electrosoft will let you view the data immediately on-screen and save or export for later analysis.