HIOKI 2-Channel AC/DC Current Clamp Logger solution LR8513 with built in Bluetooth(R) wireless technology.

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The Wireless LR8513 is a simple to use and very functional two channel current logger for both Load and Leakage current measurements and logging. The instrument can take both AC and DC current sensors. The sensors need to be ordered separately as the unit is not supplied with them. The AC current sensors can be connected directly to the unit whereas the DC currents sensors must be connected into the CM7290 Display Unit and the L9095 Output Connection Cord.

See the Options Tab on the HIOKI link above which gives information on the current sensors compatible with the device.

The LR8513 needs to be powered and there are three options to do this.

  1. Using the 2 x AA alkaline batteries LR6. (comes with the unit)
  2. Using the Z2003 AC Adapter Z2003 (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (needs to be purchased)
  3. Using an external power source 5 VDC to 13.5 VDC (can also be supplied from USB bus power, with a conversion cable)

Collecting data from the LR8513 Logger is easy. Go to the HIOKI website by clicking on the link below to Download the SF1000(LoggerUtility_V187_V105E.zip) software and use the Bluetooth on your laptop.


Alternatively, you can use the HIOKI Gennect Cross X App on your Smart Phone. (SF4071 for iOS and SF4072 for Android)


The unit comes supplied with CM7291 Bluetooth current sensor display unit 1pc,  CT7336 Auto Zero 600A AC/DC Current sensor  1pc,  L9095 Connection cord 1pc, Z2003 100 V to 240 VAC adapter 1pc, CD-R 1pc, Instruction Manual 1pc, Measurement Guide 1pc, AA alkaline batteries (LR6) 2pcs.


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