HIOKI PW3360-21/500. 3-phase Power & Harmonics Data Logger 500 Amp Kit.

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Portable Power Loggers for Energy Audits and Energy Conservation.


Key Features:

·           Supports single to three-phase, 4-wire voltage circuits.

·           Supports single to three-phase 3-wire current circuits.

·           Measure between 90V to 780V

·           Harmonic measurements up to the 40th order

·           Simultaneously measure up to three single-phase, 2-wire circuits (in the same power system)

·           Slim, compact design that can be placed anywhere

·           Store months of data on SD cards

·           The QUICK SET function guides you in making the right connections

·           WHM (watt-hour meter) connection checking function installed


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PW3360-21/500. Our kit includes; Power Logger PW3360-21 1 pc. 2GB SD Card fitted 1 pc. Battery pack set PW9002, Voltage line power adapter PW9003, Set L9438-53 colour coded (Blk, Blu, Yel & Red) Voltage cords.  AC power adapter Z1006 1 pc.  USB cable 1 pc. Instruction manual 1 pc. Measurement guide 1 pc.  Set colour clips red, yellow, blue, white/two each, for color-coding clamp sensors. Set of 5 spiral tubes for grouping clamp sensor cords. Set of 3 x 9661 500 Amp AC clamp-on current sensors, 40Hz to 5kHz, φ 46 mm (1.81 in) core dia. Carry Case C1005 1 pc.


Most common options selected;

·      Set of 3 AC Flexible current sensors CT9667-03 500A/5000A ranges, φ254 mm.

  • PW9003 Voltage line Power adapter. This is a 2L in and 3L out adapter that connects 2 voltage lines into the 3360 unit and 1L into the Z1006 AC power adapter. It is a simple and effective way to power the unit for long time usage when there is no socket outlet available to use.
  • Set of 3 AC Clamp-on current sensors 9669 1000A, 40Hz to 5kHz, φ 55 mm.

·      Power Logger Viewer Software for graphing measurement data captured with the PW3360 series loggers. Produces Trend graph display. Summary, daily, weekly, and monthly reports and Report printing.


There are several other current Sensor options and accessories to Buy or Hire Click the OPTIONS TAB of the above link to review all the choices.


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Dimensions 45 × 42 × 35 cm

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