SINEAX AM1000/2000 Kit. Multifunctional power monitoring and data logger unit with TFT display for measurement, monitoring and analysis in power systems

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Camille Bauer data logger and power monitor.

Panel mounted: Size for panel mount 96mmx96mm. Installation depth 85mm. IP54 front, IP30 Housing, IP20 terminals. Can be put into transportable case for mobile option. Good selection of CT options as shown in image.

Setup via webpage with ethernet option fitted or at the instrument.

Electrical parameters measured:

TRMS; Current, neutral current (calculated); Voltage & Frequency; Active and apparent power, fundamental, distortion and total reactive power; Load factors, bimetal current with slave pointer, current and voltage mean-values; phase angles of voltages.

Key Functions:

  • Direct measurement up to 690V, CATIII
  • Class 0.2 (U/I), class 0.5 (P/Q/S), class 1.0 (meters)
  • Condition monitoring
  • Energy consumption analysis (Meters, load curves, trend analysis)
  • Harmonic analysis acc. IEC 61000-4-7
  • System imbalance monitoring
  • Limit monitoring with alarming
  • Universal process I/O
  • Graphical measurement displays
  • High resolution colour TFT display
  • Standard I/O’s (1 digital output, 1 digital input/output)

Standard SINEAX AM1000/2000 data logger and power monitor Kit includes:

SINEAX AM1000 unit 1 pc; Disturbance & Events Recorder fitted for data logging 1 pc; Ethernet web interface, Digital Input/output 1; Digital output 1; CT’s 0-250A, 0-2000A 3pcs.

Options (to be selected at the time of purchase):

Communication options:

Modbus/RTU (Meas. acquisition, reset operations);

Ethernet (Modbus/TCP, http, NTP); IEC61850; PROFINET IO.

Functional extensions with 1 optional module only:

2 or 4 analogue outputs ±20mA

2 relay outputs

4 digital inputs passive

4 digital inputs active

GPS connection module (for time synchronization)

Fault current detection, 2 channels

Temperature monitoring Pt100/PTC, 2 channels


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Weight 14.25 kg
Dimensions 45 × 42 × 35 cm

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